Xupama (zoo-PAH-mah)

A man who lives in Chultunyu. He is completely fluent in the Whisperers' language and is the translator for Tanuk.

Life Before the Series


Xupama is not originally from Chultunyu. He was born in the north and his family travelled in the Sea of Sand, where he learned to speak with the Whisperers.


When Xupama returned to the Grey Mist he found a home for himself in Chultunyu, working as a translator whenever the Gogepe come to speak with the Petzuhallpa.

In the Novels


As the best translator in Chultunyu, he is chosen to accompany Tanuk on their journey to Chipetzuha, the Red Pyramid.

Physical Description

Described as being "fairly old, his skin taunt and weathered, and he was thin and tall. He was the tallest man by far in Chultunyu. He wore a large white and black feathered headdress, giving him even more height."[1]


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