When Guenevere Lee first started working on the Whisperers of the Gods, she knew she was undertaking a massive project. Before she even had a first chapter she already had outlined a 3,000 year history just so she had a better understanding of the people in her world.

At first Lee wanted to put an appendix at the end of the last book, but she quickly realized that every book would require an abridged appendix, not to mention a glossary. Although she began to create a 'short' appendix for the first novel in the series, Orope - the White Snake, she never felt happy with it. Lee didn't want to split up her appendix or to strip away all the detail just to save space. But why does a novel's appendix need to be in the novel itself?

Probably because she spent so much time on the wikis for her favourite book or TV series, it suddenly dawned on her that she could make one single appendix - online. By putting the appendix online as a wiki she could slowly add information to it as each progressive novel was released in the series. Since then Whisperpedia has been taking shape, and is an amazing resource for people wanting to dip their toe into the series before diving in, or those who've already fallen in love with the world and are craving more while they wait for the next book to be released.

The best part of Whisperpedia? The fans get to help shape the wiki. With unique insights and talents, every contributor to Whisperpedia can add something that a single author could never do by herself.

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