Tuthalya (two-THA-lee-ah)

A former soldier for King Hatturigus VI living in Hattute.

Life Before the Series


Born in Sheep Grotto, Tuthalya would have lived a simple life as a farmer or sheep herder, but for the civil war ravaging his country. With civil disorder, the people of Sheep Grotto were always in danger of being raided by the Mountain Men, wild people who live in the inhospitable slopes of Matawe.


Like every man living in the eastern kingdom of Matawe, Tuthalya was forced to serve the military at the King Under the Mountain's pleasure.

In the Novels


Encounters Tersh in the streets of Hattute.

Physical Description

"His hair was a much lighter colour than most of his people had, perhaps lightened by the sun, and [Tersh] thought he had sandy eyes... From the few grey hairs speckling his beard Tersh guessed he had seen around three full cycles."[1]


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