Tanuk (tah-NOOK) - Great Warrior

The son of Atzayakatl and regent of Chultunyu. Older brother of Tenok.

Life Before the Series

Born and raised in Chultunyu, Tanuk always knew one day he would leave and travel to Chipetzuha, the Red Pyramid.

Family Tree

Chultunyatl Family Tree Orope

In the Novels


Decides the time has come for him to join his father.

Physical Description

Tanuk is described as being "slightly older than Sha’di... [who] wore a long cloak of jaguar skin, his long braided hair had no trinkets tied at the ends. He wore a large crown of silver and topaz and white feathers. His face and hands were dyed, but the rest of him seemed very plain compared to every other man in the room. Under his cloak, he only wore a simple white tunic, a silver belt buckled at his slim waist. He... star[ed] down at the room with a straight back and severe expression on his face."[1] As well as having "broad shoulders" and looking "rather imposing next to [Tenok]."[2] Like all the Petzuhallpa lords, he has an elongated skull (caused by head-binding in his infancy).


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