Sephian (SEF-ee-an) Islands

An archipelago found in the south of the Middle Sea. While each island has its own king, the islands have very close ties and will often meet in a council to make any crucial or important decision.

The Islands


The largest of the islands, and also the most northerly. It is one of the main centres of trade in the Middle Sea.

Sephian People

Although united by a common tongue, each island has a distinct culture and social structure which overlaps, but is never duplicated completely.


A very friendly people, who spend most of their lives on boats. They kiss on each cheek when saying hello or goodbye.

Thanks to their location along the Jade Road, silk and other commodities from the east are fairly common on the islands. Silk shirts (usually open in front to show off their chests) are quite popular with merchant classes. The rich will also wear togas, but these are usually reserved for important meetings or celebrations.

In the Novels


Samaki and Tiyharqu leave the port of Serepty and travel back to the Sea Mahat.

Physical Descriptions

Sephians are described as mostly having "long hair of various colours, from golden and earthy to black as night. Sometimes... ruby red hair... They were far more voluptuous than any woman of Mahat. Their skin was like the olives that grew on so many trees on this island, their nipples like the dark pits he would spit out as he nibbled on the salty orb."[1]

For clothing, Sephians wear "mostly silks, the fabric... sheer and... open down to their navels [and] secured by a belt" and that their garments are so impractical they must "walk slowly to keep from having their fine silks from falling open."[1]


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