Samaki (SAH-ma-key)

Known as Maki to his close friends, Samaki is the captain of the merchant vessel the Afeth, named after the Mahat god of chaos.

Life Before the Series


Born and raised in the marshlands of the Sea Mahat, Samaki was never satisfied with his life. His father Sebef, a marshman, would often scoff at Samaki's ideas that to be happy one needed to be rich and buy frivolous things such as silks and gemstones - things that will neither help feed or shelter you. As soon as he was able, Samaki left home and joined the crew of a merchant ship.

Adult Years

After years of trading and saving, Samaki managed to become captain of his own ship. He met Tiyharqu, a woman from the golden lands of Kuroe, found north of Mahat. Tiyharqu had been designing a ship in her mind for years, and with Samaki's help (and finances), the Afeth was constructed - a two-mast ship that was larger and faster than nearly any other merchant vessel.

In the Novels


Samaki leaves the Sephian Islands, setting sail north for the Sea Mahat. Having filled his ship's hold with Postes' red wine, Samaki plans to make a fortune selling the wine to Paref Rama V. Samaki reaches Mahat just as the tsunami crashes onto its shores.

In the chaos that follows the wave hitting the Sea Mahat, Samaki learns that Paref Rama V has died. And, although he will never know for certain, he realizes his father must have also died in the wave. For the first time Samaki is unsure of his future, struggling to find someone to sell his cargo to, and dealing with the loss of his father and any chance he'd ever have to repair their relationship.

While in Sareeb and planning his next move, he meets Tersh and Kareth, who are looking for help reaching Nepata, the capitol of the Mountain Mahat. Taking a liking to Tersh (in particular her ability to play his favourite game, senet), he decides to set aside his people's prejudice against the Gogepe, and help them sail to Nepata.

Physical Description

"Samaki... had adopted the dress and manners of the many different cultures he visited... [He] wore auburn wool pants from Caemaan, with a snake belt and gold buckle he’d gotten from a Whisperer... and leather strapped sandals he had gotten here in Serepty. If he had to wear a shirt he had a silk tunic. When he could he left his toned chest open to the weather, his neck adorned with half a dozen amulets of gold, silver, and bronze. His head was bald... and skin turn[ed] dark, kissed by the sun."[1]


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