Although different islands in the Sephian archipelago worship different gods, there are many crossovers and there is a generally accepted canon among all Sephians.

Pantheon of Gods

Armmedes (ar-meh-DEEZ)

The god of wisdom, represented by an owl. Marshal of the west.

Baph (baf)

The god of wine and festivities.

Heren (ha-REN)

The goddess of childbirth and good health. Known to heal those who travel to her shrine and present a sacrifice to her. Marshal of the east. Wife and sister of Zerxa. Also the sister of Neiston, and Hatos.

Hatos (HA-toes)

Lord of the Underworld. The brother of Neiston, Heren, and Zerxa.

Neiston (NEYES-ton)

The god of the sea, and marshal of the south. The Sephians believe that he created a flood by cleaving the land in two, filling it with water and pulling the mountain range down to become islands. The brother of Zerxa, Heren, and Hatos.

Polart (po-LART)

The god of war, and marshall of the north.

Zerxa (zuhr-ksa)

Lord of the skies, and god of lightning. The brother of Neiston, Heren, and Hatos.