There are many gods in Mahat, but only 42 have great temples dedicated to them. This is also the number of districts in Mahat, each district having a different 'head' god, though worship of gods differs greatly between individuals. Of the 42 main gods, there are six gods considered to be the greatest (historically, these were the gods held dearest to the Mountain Mahat).

Pantheon of Gods


The god of chaos, who fights with Nephus in the battle to maintain Mahat. Is depicted as being a giant snake, or a man with the head of a snake.


A consort of the god Wesare, eats the hearts of those found unworthy to live in the afterlife. Has the head of a crocodile, the mane and chest of a lion and the hinds of a hippo.


A god of war. Despicted as a man with the head of a leopard.


A favourite with merchants, Baph presides over transactions. Depicted with the head of an ibis.


The king of all gods and the head god of Sareeb. Inauma is usually depicted in his male form as a man with a crown of ostrich plumes. In the ancient days of Mahat the female depiction Inaumi was also popular, but faded when Maunet rose in popularity as Inauma's wife.


The living embodiment of the Hiperu, often depicted as a man with lactating breasts. Because of this hermaphrodite image, Djekuna is often referred to as both a he and a she.


A god of war. Depicted as a man with the head of a scorpion.


The representation of divine order. Depicted as a woman wearing a feathered crown. Some consider the fight between Nephus and Afeth to be as like two men fighting over who gets to ravish Mahat, a young woman.


The female equivalent of Inauma, also depicted as his wife. Her eye is an important symbol of protection in Mahat.


The living embodiment of the sky. The patron god of Nepata. Depicted as a man with the head of an eagle. Fights with Afeth to uphold Mahat.


The sun. Paref Amotefen VI infamously created a religion based solely around the worship of Tefen, the sun.


The god of the underworld. Depicted as a man wrapped as a mummy.

Other Gods

God with head of a heron

God with head of a jackal