Rama (RAH-ma) Born as Ankaten, Rama is only fourteen when his father dies and he is crowned Paref of all Mahat.

Life Before the Series

As a boy it was uncertain that Rama would become the next Paref. Although his mother, Djeperu, was the high wife of Paref Rama V, he had older sons from other wives, and Djeperu's son was small and weak. However Djeperu demanded her son be renamed Rama on his fifth birthday and - perhaps just to please his wife - a formal ceremony was conducted to name Ankaten as his one and only heir.

Family Tree

Mahat Royal Family Orope

In the Novels


With the sudden death of his father, Rama is crowned Paref and accepts Merneith, a princess from the Mountain Mahat, as one of his wives.

Physical Description

"He may have been fourteen-years-old, but [some] would have sworn he was only ten. He looked sickly thin. He barely had a chin, and even the pointed black beard tied to his face with golden string could not hide that fact. His pointy face and tiny eyes made him look more like a mouse than a man. The top row of his teeth jutted out of his lips. He was dressed in an extravagant golden silk robe, wrapped around his body and over his shoulder, and on his head he wore the Paref’s golden nemes. The brow of the neme was embossed with both the golden head of an eagle and a man wearing a feathered hat. It was so large it threatened to consume his tiny head."[1]


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