Qayset (KAY-set)

One of the Ilotz'ai, a mysterious people who live in the jungles of the Grey Mist, but are not one of the Petzuhallpa.

Life Before the Series

Hunted and lived in Chultun. She had a nomadic lifestyle, and has spent most of her life living on her own.

In the Novels


While out hunting a jaguar, she encounters Sha'di's party heading north to Chipetzuha - with disastrous consequences.

Physical Description

"She had no paint on her skin... She wore a simple leather shift around her hips, the rest of her lean body laid bare and gleaming in the rain. Her hair was cropped short, a curved bone of some sort was pierced through the septum of her nose, and around her neck she wore a necklace made of beads and claws. The rest of her body was covered in leather straps, each one holding one or more small pouches. She was young, but her dark narrowed eyes looked far older."[1]


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