Perkari - the Azure Fish is a novel written by Guenevere Lee. The novel chronicles the second year in the Whisperers of the Gods series.


Pekari – The Azure Fish is the thrilling sequel to Orope – The White Snake. Orope introduced fantasy seekers to a unique world inspired by Bronze Age history and mythology. Pekari takes them further, going to new kingdoms and introducing new characters. The gods are still angry, but the Whisperers of the Gods are closer than ever to saving the world from a terrible flood.

Kareth is still working for the powerful Imotah. Kareth hopes Imotah will help him deliver his message to the ruler of Mahat but everything changes when the sorcerer Dedelion takes an interest in him. After the winter snows have melted, Tersh decides to head into the mountain kingdom of Matawe to reach the city of Nesate. Lost in this strange land, she must rely on the help of Tuthalya, a former soldier who plans to return home and start a family.

Sha’di’s journey seems doomed by the death of their leader, when the hunter Qayset promises to lead them through the jungle. There are sinister things in the jungle though, and their journey is beset by disease and attacks from wild animals. Samaki sails east, a last attempt to make a good trade that will save his livelihood. The Middle Sea has changed since Samaki last sailed it though, and the waters are rife with the ruthless Sea People.


The story is told from the perspective of seven characters:

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