Originally known as the Palace of Tefen (the sun), this is where the Mountain Mahat King lives. The building itself is only around two hundred years old, but its site has hosted dozens of palaces over the years, constantly being redesigned and rebuilt.

After the cursed Paref (Amotefen VI) was deposed by Thess, the new Paref decided to make Sareeb his capitol. When a few years later Thess' son Rama I took the throne it was decided to move the capitol to Nepata and two 'identical' palaces would be built. Since the Mountain Mahat King's palace would be on the west side of the river, it was renamed the Palace of the Setting Sun.

In the Novels


It is seen briefly when the characters reach Nepata to visit the Paref, but not visited.

Physical Description

The palace is described as being identical to the Palace of the Rising Sun, "the only difference on the exterior was that their obelisks were red."[1]



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