Nnenne (n'-NEN-nay)

A falcon, gifted to Sha'di by the chief of his tribe, the Gonnamdi.

In the Novels


Sha'di brings Nnenne on his journey to the Grey Mist, his only companion on the long journey. She is named after the woman Sha'di loved and left behind, Nnenne Hal'Sharag. Since Sha'di had no one to talk to on his journey he began to talk to his falcon as though she could understand. He would also often pretend he could speak to Nnenne. These two day-dreams conflated until he began to refer to the falcon as Nnenne as well.

Physical Description

"She had a tiny leather hood covering her eyes to keep her calm, but it was clear she was hungry. [Sha'di] had tethered her to the bones of his cloak by the small leather jesses fastened to her feet, adorned by the little bells that would chime softly every time she moved."[1]


  1. Chapter: "The Grey Mist, The temple burned around her" p.46