Nesate (neh-SA-tee)

Known as the greatest city every built, as it is utterly impenetrable to outside forces. This is one reason the civil war has been going on for nearly two centuries.


Located in the highest valley of the Matawe mountains, it is surrounded by high mountains on all side, as well as a legendary double-wall.


Traditionally, the Matawega king would rule from Nesate. This was all turned on it's head however when Prince Tuthalya took the city of Hattute. When Tuthalya's father died, he and his brother Takalti fought over the throne. Tuthalya declared himself king of Hattute, while Takalti became king of Nesate.

The civil war was halted shortly when Takalti's granddaughter Nesa married Tuthalya's grandson Hatturigus III. After Nesa had given birth to five daughters and no sons, Hatturigus finds his wife guilty of performing a curse to only have daughters, and executes her. He then exiled his daughters to be raised in the Moon Temple.

Hatturigus, fearing Nesa's curse might be tied to the city of Nesate, returned to Hattute to take a child bride and finally had the son he so badly desired, Hatturigus V.

With the King away, Nesa's eldest daughter Kessara took advantage of the situation. Claiming that the Moon God was communicating to her through her dreams, Kessara declares that her claim to the throne is fully endorsed by the gods. This reignites the civil war.

Kessara crowned herself Queen, but declared she would not rule by herself. The Five Sisters ruled together, the titles passing onto their eldest daughters only. Kessara's eldest child, a girl, became her heir. Kessara's second child, a son named Laberne, felt the throne should pass to him. Furious, he fled to Hattute to find help to reclaim his crown.

The following century Nesate became a secretive place, and so difficult to reach that only a few daring travellers managed to journey that far.

In the Novels


It is only mentioned, but Tersh decides in order to fulfill her mission to the gods, she must travel to Nesate and speak with the Five Sisters.

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