The Middle Sea
  • Also known by the Whisperers as the Hatmahe (HAT-ma-hey), or Burial Place. When a Whisperer dies their bones are gathered for Ancestral Cloaks while the rest of their body is preserved in salt and carried to the sea, where it is placed for its final rest.

The Middle Sea links Mahat in the north with the Sephian Islands in the south, as well as Caemaan in the east. There are several crucial trade routes that use the Middle Sea for commerce, including the Jade Road.


Legend says that the northern and southern continents were once connected. The Sephians claim the god Neiston was furious, and in an act of vengeance cut the lands in two. The chasm between the lands then filled with water from the ocean. This legend also coincides with a Gogepe belief that the lands of their ancestors were suddenly flooded and they had to flee north to survive.

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