Mayek (MAY-ek)

Younger brother of Atzayakatl, he was acted as the regent of Chultunyu at various times.

Life Before the Series

When Atzayakatl felt his sons were healthy and old enough, he left to take his place in Chipetzuha. Mayek became the regent until his nephew, Tanuk, was old enough to claim the regency himself.

Family Tree

Chultunyatl Family Tree Orope

In the Novels


Their relationships never having been strong, tensions rise between Mayek and Tanuk as they disagree about Tanuk leaving Chultunyu.

Physical Description

When first seen he's described as being "the most ornately dressed man standing in front of a dais... [who] wore a crown of feathers and silver, and held a polished wooden staff tipped with topaz."[1] Like all the Petzuhallpa lords, he has an elongated skull (caused by head-binding in his infancy).


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