Kuwaminetz (ku-WA-me-netz)

A priest credited with founding Chipetzuha.


Most of Kuwaminetz life has been shadowed by the legend left after his death. What is known for certain is that Kuwaminetz was a high priest who served under the rule of Huwamanpallpa.

Huwamanpallpa, then the leader of the Grey Mist, lived atop a great pyramid found near Chub'al. The exact location is unknown, as the city was lost in a flood (some stories say it was plague - though it may have been a combination). It's generally accepted by the Petzuhallpa that the city was where the Sapphire Lake now sits. After the flood, Kuwaminetz held Huwamanpallpa and his family responsible, for failing to appease the gods.

Kuwaminetz, telling the people that the gods were speaking through him now, led the people north to present day Chipetzuha, where he oversaw the construction of the Red Pyramid. Huwamanpallpa was put to death, and his family was put into the control of the Atls.

It is said that Kuwaminetz died the same year that the Red Pyramid was completed, and that in total he lived two Life Cycles (104 years). The truth of this is debatable, but no records exist to confirm or deny this claim.