Inko - the Silver Llama is a novel written by Guenevere Lee. The novel chronicles the third year in the Whisperers of the Gods series.


After being sent to the great kingdoms, the Whisperers have all reached their destinations, but everything is different from what they expected. The rulers do not wish to heed the advice of foreigners unless it helps them improve their political power. The people fear the Whisperers and will cower away or lash out unpredictably at them. The Whisperers themselves are losing faith that their message will be heeded unless drastic measure are taken.

War brews as the Sea People continue their attacks on coastal cities. Famine and sickness is still widespread. As the gods become angrier and the odds stack against them, how can the Whisperers ever hope to succeed?


The story is told from the perspective of six characters:

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