Hatturigus (hat-TUR-e-gus)

Only son of Hattepe, Hatturigus is crowned King Under the Mountain at ten-years of age.

Life Before the Series

Family History

The year that Hatturigus' grandfather, Hatturigus V, was crowned king of Matawe, but his aunt Kessara (the Queen who sat on the throne in Nesate) took advantage of the tumult of accepting a new ruler and laid siege to Hattute, hoping to unit the Kingdom of Matawe under one ruler. Two years into the siege a plague wiped out most of the city - including the king. To save their own lives, the Lords of Hattute delivered the dead bodies of the entire royal family to Kessara, but rumours continued to circulate that the bodies could have been anybody and one of Hatturigus' princes might still be alive.

During the next twenty years civil strife continues and men wrestle to take the crown back from the Five Sisters. Laberne II, hiding in Hattute, is crowned the true king of Matawe. Queen Kessara III marches her united army to Hattute, and finds a man named Hattepe has seized power and crowned himself king, claiming to be the son of Hatturigus V. Hattepe decrees that he shall be henceforth known as King Under the Mountain, while Labern II be known as King Over the Mountain.

Matawega Royal Family Orope


Hattepe, paranoid that Laberne II would try to take both crowns, turned his young son against the King Over the Mountain early on. When his father died Hatturigus had to often defend himself in court, and was often at odds with Laberne. Paranoid that he would be assassinated before even reaching adulthood, Hatturigus learned quickly how to manipulate people and play those around him in order to stay in power.


The power dynamic shifted when Laberne II died and his meek son, Laberne III, inherited his crown. Feeling secure on his throne, Hatturigus has grown more confident in the past few years.

In the Novels


Is sought out by Tersh, who wants to convince him that the gods are wroth with Matawe for their ongoing civil war and threaten to destroy the world with a great wave.

Hatturigus allows Tersh to make he plea in the Hall of a Thousand Gods.

Physical Description

"He had long wavy black hair, well groomed, and a long goatee. He wasn’t fat, per se, but his waist seemed thick and his face rather full."[1]


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