The Grey Mist is the general name for the three lands found north of the Sea of Sand and west of Matawe, it is a name generally only used by foreigners. The three lands (Achaw, Chakachaw, and Chultun). The people who live there are known as the Petzuhallpa, which is translated to mean 'pyramid builder' - a fitting title for a society that has over thirty large pyramids dotted around the three lands.

The Three Lands



Considered the oldest of the three lands, Chultun is located deep in the jungle that takes up most of the southern half of the Grey Mist. It is because of the mist that rises from the jungle that the Grey Mist was given its name by the Gogepe. The rulers of Chultun are called the Nuktatl, or 'old lords.'


Found in the northwest fields, this hilly land is one the most prosperous of the three lands thanks to its farming. This land is famous for its production of wine. The rulers of Achaw are called the Achawnahuitl, or 'lords of the fields.'


Found in the north near the border of Matawe, Chakachaw is the valley along the eastern mountain range.

Chipetzuha (the Red Pyramid)

The Petzuhallpa

The Ilotz'ai

As well as the Petzuhallpa, the Ilotz'ai also live within the three lands, though mostly they are found in the lush jungles of Chultun. Ilotz'ai means 'uncoloured,' since they do not dye their skin, which Petzuhallpa traditionally do to show what pyramid they have allegiance to. The Ilotz'ai are hunters that can easily hide their tracks and disappear into the jungle, leading some Petzuhallpa to believe they are spirits, or merely stories to scare children.

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