Djeperu (jeh-PEAR-roo)

High wife to Paref Rama V and mother of Paref Rama VI. She is also cousin to the Mountain Mahat King and mother-in-law to Merneith.

Life Before the Series

Although she was Rama's chief wife for nearly twenty years, she only had three children during this time, two girls and one boy.

She fought very hard for her son to be named heir to the crown, ensuring that his older brothers from other wives were given worthy stations - stations that would take them far away from the palace in Napata. A few of the Paref's other sons also died quite young from sicknesses - although there was nothing uncommon or strange in this, rumours circulated quickly that Djeperu may have helped them on their way.

Family Tree

Mahat Royal Family Orope

In the Novels


Standing proudly at her son's side, she watches as her favourite child is named the next Paref.

Physical Description

"She wore a simple pure white linen dress, adorned with a thin red beaded belt, and on her black wig sat a thin golden band. She wore the clothes of the Paref’s Mother. Despite the simplicity of the dress, with her piercing black eyes and high cheekbones, she still looked far more regal than [Merneith] less than half her age on the left of the Paref."[1]


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