Chultunyu (CHUL-tonn-you) - Jungle's End

The greatest pyramid among the Nuktatl (Old Lords). It is also the most southerly pyramid in the Grey Mist, and therefor has the most contact with the Gogepe.

Its ruler is Atzayakatl, father of Tanuk and Tenok and brother of Mayek. But with Atzayakatl in Chipetzuha, the regency fell to Mayek, and late Tanuk.

The pyramid's colours are red.


Little is known of the history of Chultunyu, but there were most likely several different pyramids over the centuries, so the pyramid standing there now is built on top of several smaller ones.

In the Novels


This is the first pyramid Sha'di reaches on his way to reach the rulers of the Grey Mist.

Physical Description

"Most of [Chultunyu] was hidden throughout the jungle. [Sha'di] could walk for an hour in any direction and not find the end. Instead, he would wind through huts, amused by people’s curious glances at him, and children giggling and wanting to touch his red hair. It was obvious to see from the red pyramid at the city’s centre, and the red dye they all wore on their skin, that this was a sacred colour to them."[1]


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