Chultun (chul-TUN) - the Jungle

The southernmost land in the Grey Mist. The Petzuhallpa living there refer to themselves as the nuktatl, the old lords.


Chultun is known as the more mysterious of the three lands, thanks to the thick jungle that cuts it off from the rest of the Grey Mist.

It's capitol, Chultunyu (Jungle's End), is found at the southern end of the jungle, near the Sea of Sand. As such they have the most contact with the Gogepe.


Chultun is considered to be the oldest of the three lands, but legend says the Petzuhallpa lived elsewhere before being forced to flee to Chultun.

In the beginning, the gods and men were said to live side by side. The gods taught the Petzuhallpa the secrets of pyramid building. Then the trickster god, Huhukotl, became infatuated with the goddess Tzochketza. He impregnated her against her will, and the baby that grew inside her was changed by her rage into fire and hate.

The child erupted from its mother and fire rained down on the Petzuhallpa. Legend records that "the rivers turned to conflagrations, the sky was ash, the trees became bonfires. Those who survived the inferno fled to the ends of the jungle, and had to rebuild the once great kingdom we had."[1] After that the gods left the land.


The pyramids in Chultun are ruled by the Nuktatl, the Old Lords.




Ruled by Matlahuitl (known as Ixk'inmetzuhuitl). "He Who Mines the Earth, He Who Adorns Himself in the Earth’s Tears." The pyramid's colour is orange.

With access to a copper mine, they are the richest of the old pyramids. It is said the Matawega were from here originally, following the veins of copper through the secret pass, and into the Matawe mountains.


Ruled by Chub’alnahutil. "He Who Sees the Way. He Who hunts the Panther." The pyramid's colours are yellow and green dots.

Chub'al is found on a crossroad between all three lands.


Ruled by Wilowachib’ikimopanahuitl. "He Who Kills the Crane. He Who Adorns His Head with the Feathers of the Crane." The pyramid's colours are white and blue dots.

Found in a marsh, this is known as the poorest of the pyramids in Chultun.


Ruled by Lukmunahuilt.


Ruled by Hab’onahuitl.


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