Chipetzuha (chi-PEH-tzoo-ha) - Red Pyramid

Located just north of Achaw, the Red Pyramid is the head of the Grey Mist, and the spiritual centre. This is where all the high lords of the three lands live and rule together.


According to legend, after a terrible flood the people denounced their king and turned to a priest to save them. The priest, named Kuwaminetz, claimed the gods commanded him to lead the people north of Achaw, and there the people needed to build a great pyramid and perform human sacrifice to appease the gods.

It's said it took 52 years to complete the pyramid, the time it takes to complete a life-cycle in the Petzuhallpa calendar, but in reality it probably took less than 50. In that time a great city grew around the pyramid, a city where every great lord in the Grey Mist decided to begin construction on their own pyramid and the capitol was born.

In the Novels


After learning that the rulers of the Grey Mist live in Chipetzuha, he travels north with the help of Tanuk. It is only spoken of.