Ankhet (AHNK-het)

Mistress of the kitchens in Imotah's home, Ankhet is seen as a leader among the servants. A stern woman, Ankhet also has a softer side for those she feels need protection.

Life Before the Series

Ankhet was born into a life of servitude, but where others disappear into the shadows, Ankhet was always remarked for her hard work and exquisite taste when it came to cooking. She quickly worked her way up until Imotah discovered her and brought her into his home in Nepata.

In the Novels


Ankhet takes pity on Kareth, and tries to help him fit into the sometimes harsh world of Mahat.

Physical Description

Ankhet is described as being "a rather rotund woman... [who] wore no wig, but wore coloured powder around her eyes and on her cheeks. Her head was wrapped in white linen, making her head look like a large painted egg."[1] As well as: "She was quite old, her back slightly hunched, and she was rather chubby."[2]


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